Welcome to Arcon Landscape

We offer professional services in construction landscaping within the greater Toronto area. We are well equipped to help give your Landscaping a full makeover.

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value proposal

Not only will you be investing on a new and improved space, you’ll also witness the market value of your property rise; whether it’s a custom home Built or a residential property.

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Custom Design

Tell us what you have in mind and we will implement your idea with a custom-made plan. At Arcon Landscape Constructions, your immaculate and improved Landscaping is one call away

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About Us

We are a reliable company located in Toronto, Ontario and have a long history of tending to our clients’ needs. We’ve worked with well-known builders to implement building codes imposed by the government of Ontario, a demanding task. It is our duty to let the customer in on the progress of each and every one of the steps in their project. We use the latest equipment and products with the best quality and offer two years of warranty on workmanship against settlement. If you are looking forward to making a high-quality change in your property, you have come to the right place


Natural Stone Walls & Steps

Natural stone can add that special touch of elegance to your construction you might be looking for. They come in all shapes and sizes. It’s ideal for decorating garden borders, flowerbeds or even retaining walls.

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Interlocking Stone

Interlocking stone is the best way to add aesthetic appeal to a driveway, patio or walkway. They are four times stronger than poured over concrete and are of easy maintenance. From putting the base to vibrating the pavers, we guarantee quality materials and work.

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Installing New Sods

Laying sod is a gratifying experience: it’ll give your property a new, greener lawn. Preparation is key and the road to success is paved with good soil. We guarantee the best soil for the job and we assure a satisfying lawn in no time as long as you install or have operating irrigation system.

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Flower beds & planters

We will take into account all the possible factors that will make your garden a much more eye-catching space in your construction, such as the draining and the fertilization. We’ll lead you hand in hand in the process of plant selection and will follow up on the blossoming of your project.

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Waterfalls & Water Features

They are amazing ways to give your space a wonderful and relaxing environment, of very low maintenance. Even if all you want to do is make better use of a dead space, we will help you take your ideas and reflect them in your pond, waterfall, or bubbling rock so your construction has a new touch.

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Retaining walls

Whether it’s hillside farming or roadway overpasses, your construction may need landscaping to prevent soil from being washed away. We can fix your problem with a gravity, piling, cantilever or anchoring wall, whatever suits the application best.

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Grading & Excavation

It’s not as easy as just moving soil around and it’s important to consider the grading and slopes, overall contour, soil content, plans of expansion, etc. At Arcon Landscape Construction we have experience in working with any environment and keep in mind the proper site preparation.

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Outdoor fireplace & kitchen

We’ll help warm up your outdoor living with a fireplace or an outdoor kitchen to enjoy family time at ease.

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